EU4BT at the 2015 SME Assembly at Luxembourg

Transeo, Reempresa, SOWACCESS, Confidentum as well as other Transeo Members such as the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce at the 2015 SME Assembly!
From Wednesday till today, the EU Commission holds its annual SME Assembly. The 2015 edition takes place in Luxembourg from 18 to 20/11.

The Transeo Secretariat General as well as Transeo Board Members Reempresa and Confidentum are participating to promote SME transfer, with among others a stand in the expo area. Several Transeo Members are alsop attending, such as Transeo Member Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.
EU4BT, the current EU project carried out by Transeo, Reempresa, SOWACCESS and HS Utrecht in order to identify best practices in matching platforms, has also a stand to promote the project and underline the importance to have efficient matching platforms in Europe.
More information? Please do not hesitate to visit the EU Commission website or contact Transeo!

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